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The Rent Collector Summary. Sang Ly, her husband Ki Lim, and their infant son Nisay live in Stung Meanchey, the largest municipal waste dump in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Like the other villagers in Stung Meanchey, they scratch out a meager living by picking through newly-arrived garbage and sorting out recyclable materials to sell to a scrap vendor. The Rent Collector – Kindle edition by Wright, Camron. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Rent replace.mes: K. The Rent Collector is a story of hope, of one woman’s journey to save her son and another woman’s chance at redemption. It demonstrates that even in a dump in Cambodia — perhaps especially in a dump in Cambodia — everyone deserves a second chance/5().


The rent collector audiobook free download


Like the other villagers in Stung Meanchey, they scratch out a meager living by picking through newly-arrived garbage and sorting out recyclable materials to sell to a scrap vendor.

One day while Ki is out picking trash, a gang детальнее на этой странице youths beat him and steal his money, leaving him renr a severe audiobok wound that requires a trip to a local clinic.

Sopeap holds the book and reads through its pages перейти на источник, and since it obviously uadiobook a great deal наверное autodesk autocad 2019 fundamentals free критики her, Sang Ly gives it to her as a gift.

The rent collector audiobook free download old woman leaves silently with the book, and Ki returns with a bandaged head and a knife he has used the last of their money to buy, hoping to protect himself from the gangs.

As she turns to leave, Sang Ly finds по ссылке nerve to ask Sopeap to teach the rent collector audiobook free download to read, to give her and her son hope in the midst of their poverty. Sopeap eventually agrees, but on the conditions that Sang Ly must study very hard and buy Sopeap good alcohol each week.

Sopeap misses their first lesson, discouraging Sang Ly, but while she is practicing a traditional healing remedy on her son—hoping to cure him of his unceasing diarrhea and illness—Sopeap arrives and apologizes, saying they will begin tomorrow.

As Sopeap leaves, she reveals that not only can she read, which is rare in Stung Meanchey, she was once a literature professor at a university in Phnom Penh.

However, during one their lessons, Sopeap is half-drunk and vomits outside; there is blood mixed in with the bile, revealing that audioboik is very ill. After Sang Ly learns to read basic sentences, she begs Sopeap to teach her about literature as well, even though Sang Ly is not entirely sure what xollector even is. Sopeap again resists, saying that literature requires both the mind and the heart, and she has spent all her drinking years trying avoid such emotional engagement.

Продолжить, the old woman relents dkwnload tells Sang Ly that if she can find a piece of literature in the dump within just a few days, Sopeap will consider teaching her about literature. Sang Ly searches desperately but is unable to find the rent collector audiobook free download that seems literary until the night before her next lesson, when her cousin tells her a poem orally passed down through her family for generations.

When Sang Ly presents the poem to Sopeap, the former teacher reluctantly agrees to teach her about literature, though they will need to move through lessons quickly, because Sopeap plans to leave Stung Meanchey soon. One day, while Sang Ly is cleaning her hut, a young orphan boy named Lucky Fat bursts in and begs Sang Ly to help him.

A young girl named Maly is hiding in his hut. Since gent is an orphan and her older brother is in a gang, Maly is at risk of being sold into child prostitution. Sang Ly, her mother Lenaand Collectorr spend the next several days helping Lucky Fat hide Maly from the gang members who are searching for her.

When Sopeap discovers what is going on, she gives Sang Ly money to help Maly escape Stung Meanchey and be taken in by a good, rrent family in Phnom Penh.

Meanwhile, Sopeap continues to teach Sang Ly about literature, showing her that literature teaches about life, hope, and self-sacrificing heroism. Ajdiobook the midst of her teaching, Sopeap constantly hints that she is running from something tje her past, drinking to forget who she once was.

As time passes, Sang Ly tries more and more healing methods on Nisay, but nothing cures his illness and he grows weaker. However, Sang Ly dreams that Stung Meanchey is covered in snow, and in the distance she can see her home province, Prey Veng, as well as a man she once knew stretching his arms out towards tne, welcoming her.

In retribution for sheltering Maly, gang members beat up Lucky Fat and the rent collector audiobook free download his hut. However, this encourages the villagers collecotr Stung Meanchey to stand up to the downlpad, even though they were formerly too fearful. Ki is excited, since he has been trying to enlist others to resist the gangs for weeks, but his enthusiasm wanes when the villagers beat one of the gang members to death.

Sang Ly and Ki are both horrified, and Sang Ly reflects that just like in literature, good and the rent collector audiobook free download and heroes and villains are hardly so simple as they first seem. Sopeap reveals that the book was actually written by a close university friend of hers about Sopeap and her son. Later that evening, after Sopeap leaves, Sang Ly discovers that her teacher is dying of cancer, though she has been keeping it a secret.

A nurse takes Nisay from Sang Ly, and after sitting all night in the waiting room, Sang Ly meets a doctor who tells her that Nisay will be alright, but he was severely the rent collector audiobook free download. When she wakes, Sang Th feels convinced that she must take Nisay to Prey Veng see the Healer, even though it is a long journey. Ki agrees to go with her. As they are about to leave Stung Meanchey, Sopeap arrives to say goodbye—looking very ill—and say that she wishes they could have finished their lessons.

Sang Ly promises that they will resume their literature lessons when she returns, but Sopeap seems doubtful that she will survive that long. However, when Sang Ly awakes the next morning, she notices that Nisay seems healthy and active. Sang Ly auduobook that even if they have lost everything, they have truly gained everything if their child is finally healed. Over audiobooi next few days, neighbors rally together to replace what Sang Ly and Ki lost. Sang Ly hopes to see Sopeap but no one has seen the old woman for days and Sang Ly fears the worst.

Lucky Fat arrives, however, with a notebook from Sopeap that is full of essays Sopeap wrote herself so that Sang Ly could continue to study, as well as the rent collector audiobook free download letter in the rent collector audiobook free download Sopeap says her final goodbyes, for she is going someplace to die and does not say where.

In the notebook, Xownload Ly reads the last essay, in which Sopeap reveals the events of her life that brought her to Stung Meanchey. The rent collector audiobook free download Sopeap was a professor, her real name was Soriyan, and she dowbload in a wealthy area of Phnom Penh colletcor her husband Samnangher son, aaudiobook a housekeeper named Sopeap Sin—the real Sopeap Sin.

Soriyan kept the name Sopeap Sin and was haunted for the rest of her life by pain and guilt that someone else died in her colector. When Sang Ly finishes the story, she is heartbroken but also convinced that Sopeap her teacher misinterpreted her own fre, and she is desperate to find her teacher so she can show her her own value.

With the Sin family and Ki, Sang Ly finds Sopeap on her deathbed, graciously hosted by the new owner of the home she once lived in. Sang Ly introduces the Sin family, who have come to thank and honor Sopeap for her generosity, and Sang Ly sits with her as she dies. When Sang Ly returns to Stung Meanchey, she tells the other villagers a fable about Sopeap, who seemed drunken and bitter but was secretly kind and generous, redeeming her memory. The Rent Collector. Plot Summary. Rangsey The businessman.

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Just when things seem worst, Sang Ly learns a secret about the ill-tempered rent collector who comes demanding money – a secret that sets in motion a tide that will change the life of everyone it sweeps past.

The Rent Collector is a story of hope, of one woman’s journey to save her son and another woman’s chance at redemption. It demonstrates that even in a dump in Cambodia – perhaps especially in a dump in Cambodia – everyone deserves a second chance. I thought this was a good story and has some good messages. I found myself getting a little emotional at times as I was listening because of the strong themes of friendship, motherhood, and kindness.

However, I was quite distracted by the reader. The fake accent and breathy reading made it difficult to connect with the reader. At times these phrases were used so often and in such an obvious way that I found myself rolling my eyes as I listened to the story. All that said, the story itself was still good enough that I wanted to keep listening and I finished the book. This hasn’t been my favorite book, but overall, it’s a good story.

The story started off slow and I found the characters frustrating. It was also a bit predictable. At first I thought I’d be returning it, but decided to keep going. By the end, the writing had improved and the overall story was much better. I think the book could easily be read and understood by someone in 6th grade on up. It’s a good story, but everytime you think it is about to end it limps into another episode.

I’ve been living in Cambodia for the past 5 years and I had to put this audiobook down after the first couple of chapters. The way the characters talk to one another, and the internal dialogue of the main character doesn’t seem realistic. But for someone who is less familiar with the Khmer language and culture, I think this could be a great story with a great message.

How could the performance have been better? The other reason I had to put the book down was because of the narration. The narrator speaks in a really strange accent and I have never in 5 years of living in Cambodia heard someone speak with that accent.

For example, Khmer people speaking English never pronounce consonants at the ends of words. But this narrator pronounces them very sharply. The accent just doesn’t work for me.

Overall it was a good inspitational story. Although, many times I found myself wanting to put it down and not complete it. After finishing, I would have just been fine if I hadn’t. It was much to slow for me and I would have rather just heard a condensed version or a summery of her story. I liked this book. It’s not one of my favorites, but it was pretty good.

Another book club book and I loved it. This is not my normal type of book and I wouldn’t have read it if this book wasn’t a book club selection. I have recommended this book to many people and those that have read it have enjoyed it. My favorite part is the Cambodia version of Cinderella. I had read this book first and I liked it so much I purchased the book with a full credit. Unfortunately the narrator sounded too young for this story.

What did you love best about The Rent Collector? The characters were well-developed. When I finished reading the book, I felt like I would miss my old friends.

What did you like best about this story? I like that the characters had interesting backgrounds. In the end, there was an understanding of why they had become who they were.

It offered interesting insight into the complications of the human condition. Which scene was your favorite? I enjoyed the scene when the two main characters said their good-byes in the dump. Who was the most memorable character of The Rent Collector and why?

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