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Latest: Factory Reset ASUS Laptop without Password/Disk – How does Windows 10 Factory Reset Work?

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Tip: Since all your data will be ruined by an ASUS factory reset, you need to back up them before starting the process. They want to find back the lost files and folders. Summary : Factory reset refers to restore all the settings to the factory default state. Start by booting or rebooting the ASUS laptop if it had been already on. Now this page will give the solutions to help you out of trouble. I need to factory reset it but I don’t have the password.


Windows 10 factory reset from boot asus free


Factory reset refers to restore all the settings to the factory default state. This is needed and helpful for lots of situations; for instance, formatting a hard drive or reinstalling an operating system. But the problem is how to factory reset a laptop like ASUS. You may have heard of a factory reset or performed a factory reset on your device.

But do you know what does factory reset mean? A factory reset is also known as a hard reset or master reset; it refers to the action of restoring all software of an electronic device to its original system state and manufacturer settings. This seems very terrible, but why there are so many people want to do a factory reset? For instance, an ASUS laptop factory reset. The main reasons why users want to reset ASUS laptop to factory settings and how to factory reset ASUS laptop will be discussed in the following sections.

Why do you need to restore ASUS laptop to its factory settings? There are some popular reasons for doing so:. Windows 7 factory reset ASUS is similar. Just as the name shows, the ASUS system recovery partition is a partition used for restoring the ASUS laptop to its original condition whenever you encounter problems.

It contains the recovery image system image and is hidden by default on your computer. Though the first option will only delete the first partition on ASUS, it will also affect other partitions on the disk. The second and third options will delete all partitions for you and create one or two new partitions for the recovery process. Click to tweet. The good news is that the factory reset on ASUS laptop without disc is possible and not difficult for ordinary users.

There are two commonly used ways:. How to fix it if your Windows 10 Start menu is not opening or responding? In many other cases, you could see only the Keep my files and Remove everything options in the Choose an option window. You should select one to continue. If you want to know how to wipe a MacBook or Mac before you try to sell or give it away, you should read this article with care. Some ASUS users said their important data are lost after restoring the laptop to its factory settings.

They want to find back the lost files and folders. What should they do? The thing you know for sure when losing valuable data is that you need to get help from a data recovery tool. Please click on the download button below and choose a safe location to store MiniTool Power Data Recovery on your laptop.

Then, navigate to the setup file and double click on it to initialize the installation process. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing the data recovery software. Free Download. You should choose to start MiniTool Power Data Recovery at the end of the installation process or by double clicking on the software icon on the desktop.

Then, wait for a few seconds while the disk information is loading. After that, follow this guide to recover your lost files. Now, you can navigate to the target location to view the recovered files and folders. Please click here to know more about how to recover lost files after a factory reset. Sometimes, your ASUS laptop may fail to boot due to unknown reasons. Can you still recover data from it?

Then, disconnect the disk from that computer and connect it to the unbootable ASUS laptop. Afterwards, change the boot order in BIOS to boot from this disk. Finally, follow the steps mentioned above to regain your lost files. Laptop repair is very necessary since there are always a series of problems found on the laptop due to different reasons. You can perform a hard reset easily on an ASUS notebook with both removable and built-in batteries. This article is going to show you how to reset HP laptop yourself to solve problems: hard reset HP laptop and factory reset HP laptop.

Factory reset is a direct and effective method for restoring electronic devices to their original states. But how to factory reset an ASUS laptop? This page gives a comprehensive answer: it shows you how to do a factory reset on ASUS in different cases and how to recover lost data on the laptop when necessary. Download Power Data Recovery. Languages: Deutsch. Summary : Factory reset refers to restore all the settings to the factory default state.

Tip: Since all your data will be ruined by an ASUS factory reset, you need to back up them before starting the process. Otherwise, you should get professional data recovery software from the home page to help. Read More.


How To Factory Reset ASUS Laptop: Restore To Default Settings.Asus Laptop W10 factory reset, Don’t have password – Microsoft Community


Full steps. Factory Reset via Recovery Partition There are situations when using a Windows PC that you need to reset it to the same state as it was when it arrived. A clean slate is a must if you need to hand it over to someone else or plan to send it to the service center. Windows 10 offers a built-in feature that can wipe everything on the computer.

This post guides on how you can perform Windows 10 factory reset from boot with step-by-step guidance. Factory Reset, in general terms, means to wipe clean everything on the device. Windows 10 offers this feature as part of the OS, letting anyone with an admin account delete everything from the PC.

This feature performs a complete format, sector by sector, making sure the data on the PC cannot be retrieved by using any data recovery software. While the feature is also available from within Windows, we are talking about performing a factory reset from the Boot. It simply means if your PC is not accessible the usual way, and you need to delete all the data, you need to perform Windows 10 factory reset from Boot. You can also use this method in other scenarios. It includes handling over the PC to a service center, selling your device to someone, and making sure the data is not accessible anymore.

Now that you know what it can do, it is equally important to understand and know what happens when you factory reset the Windows PC. Here is the list:. If you have access to Windows PC before performing the factory reset, you must sync everything and take a backup of anything locally installed or available. While the former is handy when you want to keep to the latest version of Windows, the latter comes in hand as you don’t need to prepare a recovery drive but may roll back to an older version of Windows or the Windows with which the Laptop or PC came preinstalled.

Step 2: It will then prompt if you want to upgrade or create bootable media. Select the later, and then choose USB from the list, and click Next. Step 3: Post this, the wizard will copy all the necessary files and make the USB bootable.

Make sure not to use the USB drive for anything else. The computer should now boot from the USB Drive. Step 5: While you will get a regular Windows 10 Installation screen, look for the Repair your PC option at the bottom left of the Windows 10 Setup screen.

Step 6: When you click on Repair, it will take you to the advanced recovery screen. Step 7: You will then be prompted with two options—Keep the files or Remove everything and reinstall Windows. Select remove everything, and let the wizard complete the process. Once the setup is complete, the PC will back to the first time setup phase, and you can then power down.

This method will differ for every OEM. Most of the PCs or Laptops which come preinstalled with Windows have a recovery partition. You can initiate the recovery process through a custom tool which is different for every company. Step 1: Restart the computer and press a specific key to bring up the Recovery screen. It can be any of the Fn Keys registered for this.

Please check your OEM documentation to know the right combination. Step 2: When in the Recovery screen, select Troubleshoot and then Recovery option. For Dell, it is labeled as Dell Backup and Recovery. Step 3: It will then reset the PC with a clear warning that the process will delete everything and reinstall Windows. If all you want is to get back to a working state, you can choose to Restore instead of Reset.

While Reset completely wipes of everything, Restore can still retain most of the files. Here are some of the top reasons why you should restore instead of Reset or any other method. Windows 10 Reset vs Clean Install. At most times, users will not see any difference between Windows 10 reset and clean install. Here we list the features of these two options to help you EaseUS Todo Backup software is a compelling software that can be your one-stop tool for all kinds of backups and later to restore.

Before we go ahead and restore, you must have a Windows 10 system backup in place. In this guide, I will share how you can restore Windows from the previous system backup when needed. Step 2. Navigate to the backup location, and then select the system backup file you need. Step 3. Select a recovery disk. Verify that the partition styles on the source and recovery disks are same.

Step 4. You may change the disk layout to suit your requirements. Then, to begin system backup recovery, select Proceed. Author Jean has been writing tech articles since she was graduated from university. She has been part of the EaseUS team for over 5 years. Her special focuses are data recovery, disk partitioning, data space optimization, data backup and Mac OS. By the way, she’s an aviation fan!

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that EaseUS Todo Backup Home can offer you a little extra sense of security with a set of advanced tools. The interface provides quick adaptation, every process guiding you all the way through so you don’t get stuck or further damage your system rather than keeping it safe. EaseUS Todo Backup Free lets you create backups of your important files or your entire computer through its streamlined interface. Just choose the backup type you’d like to get started, and let the program do the reset.

EaseUS includes all the features I expect from backup software like versioning, incremental backups, and scheduling. For more advanced users, EaseUS allows you to install a pre-boot environment onto your hard drive so you can use it to restore files without burning a CD or putting it on an external USB drive.

Use 10 minutes to do the 10 hours work without making a single mistake! Screen Recorder. Transfer Products. File Management. More Products. Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting 1. Perform a Factory Reset 1. Full steps 2. Windows 10 Reset vs Clean Install At most times, users will not see any difference between Windows 10 reset and clean install. Was This Page Helpful?

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