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Space Shooter – Sky Champ. Date Range. Mech vs Aliens.


‎Space Justice: Alien Shooter on the App Store

Be careful when downloading the game: you run the risk of escaping the real world for a long time to get completely absorbed in saving the. The updated version of the legendary Alien Shooter is already available on all Android devices! Now you can save the world from monsters together with your.


[Top 20] Alien Shooter Games With Great Gameplay | GAMERS DECIDE.Alien Shooter on Steam


Alien Shooter Games – the games where your space pistol goes pew-pew and green liquid comes out of the spooky aliens. I love those sorts of games, especially the Half-Life series and the Dead Space series, generally games where you are in a FUBAR atmosphere in an even more grim and hopeless situation.

The plot takes place a few weeks after the end of the movie, 2 military rescue teams arrive at Outpost 31 to find out why the base stopped communicating. Team Alpha, under the leadership of Cpt. Pierce, was sent to the Norwegian facility to investigate. Poop hits the fan very fast, an extraterrestrial lifeform can imitate the physical appearance and behavior of other living organisms – that means HUMANS.

The game does a great job of keeping you paranoid and alone, keeping you safe and paradoxically in danger at the same. Graphics are obviously a bit outdated but look fairly decent for its release date I still remember it to this day when I was 3 years old and my brother introduced me to this game, a truly fascinating game that paved the way for the FPS genre! The SCP Foundation makes sure that specific creatures, anomalies, and locations are being kept away from the public eye at all cost.

One of the most infamous creatures is the SCP, or better yet a statue that moves only when nobody is looking at it. They tell you to get inside a room with the SCP, unfortunately for the SCP foundation, crap hits the fan when the power went out, allowing the SCP to go on a rampage. This game has bugs and it also has bugs. The story of this game though.. Uhhh, what was it again? Is there even a story? I never cared about it, and I doubt that it even existed, but its a nice mayhem simulator!

Alien Swarm was made by Valve back in , 19th of July. I remember playing this game and having a BLAST – you can play with up to 4 people, choose 8 different characters with unique specializations to go on a murderous alien killing spree, solving puzzles, and finishing maps.

Graphics are pleasant and clear and gameplay can be very addictive. As of today, I dunno if people are still playing this game, but you can always try it out with friends! Some people consider this game to be horrible, I personally had a blast playing multiplayer in the OG days, aka , where I was either ripping out spines out of humans as the Predator or just kissing humans as the Alien. You can play as a Marine, an Alien, or the Predator. The game also has single-player, the plot I gotta admit could have been done better.

The graphics for a game are pretty good. They might look a bit off in , but hey, this game is 11 years old, damn it! Somewhere in NY, a mysterious virus starts spreading, possibly of alien origin, causing panic among the citizens. A corporation named CryNet promises to take care of the situation by creating an antidote. Unfortunately, the corporation failed to make it, thus extermination of the infected individuals takes place.

Eventually, martial law takes place and a full-scale war breaks out with the aliens. It was still a great experience and I replayed Crysis 2 multiple times! This is a fun, quick-paced MMO RPG in which you can farm items, both melee or ranged that takes place in a Sci-Fi, futuristic world that constantly expands, allowing the player to explore more and more areas.

So, if you want to become a space ninja that slaughters countless creatures, this game is for you! It also has some eye-pleasing graphics and fun as hell gameplay. Try it out! Welcome to the 26th century, where humanity is not only attacked by an alien superpower force called Covenant but also by parasitic aliens called Flood – the situation is FUBAR and the only person that can save the world from the evil spooky aliens is the Master Chief. Besides an incredible campaign, Halo 3 also offers multiplayer and a map editor tool.

The Half-Life series is just a mystery box that will probably never be resolved until Gaben decides to release HL3. Or Episode 3. The atmosphere reminds me a lot of Dead Space, but you feel a bit safer due to your friends sticking around. GTFO is not too demanding, so you can play on relatively high settings without too many issues.

I might give it a try in the future! I was hyped up when this finally came out and was 30 times more hyped up when Xen finally came out and I could finally kill the big-headed floating baby. The plot remains the same, enemies remain the same, there might be some new minor areas and easter eggs, but besides that Black Mesa facility remains the same.

Things go pretty south from there. The graphics look awesome and the plot is pretty deep, has a unique combat system and a pretty interactive environment. The game is worth giving a try! Humans who refuse to live in the walled-off cities call themselves outsiders and conduct raids on the COG territories for resources.

GOW4 is awesome, but I suggest playing the previous games to catch up on the lore. I remember playing this game. I would spend 1 hour on it per day, 45 minutes would be about me crying in a locker and the other 15 minutes were either about sneaking, hiding, or running away from the Alien and making little to no progress. If you want to crap your pants, this game is for you!

Besides the Alien, you can also kill Face-huggers, Androids, and other humans. Graphics are realistic, which greatly contributes to the Spooky Meter.

When it comes to the plot, I never cared about it but I was too busy dodging the alien and shooting his kneecaps with a revolver while hiding under a table. Good times! It was all fine and dandy till Cpt. The same fate awaits USG Ishimura. Controls might seem a bit clunky on the PC, so I suggest switching to a controller.

If you wish to play a game that will keep you at bay all the time, then play Dead Space! The plot of Mass Effect 2 takes place 2 years after Commander Shephard successfully repelled the invasion by the Reavers. This time something more sinister is occurring, a mysterious entity is abducting human colonies.

Cerberus, an organization that wants to make sure humanity survives at any cost, begins cooperation with Commander Shephard. Wakey, wakey Issac Clerkie. You better get out of there Clarkie, before some weird bat thing hops on your face and decides to make love to you! Dead Space 2 is a better version of its predecessor, Dead Space 1.

The aiming is greatly improved, the gameplay feels smooth and killing Necromorphs awards you with perverted satisfaction. I could have just included the Half-Life series as a whole, but Half-Life 1 is way too different from the other Half-Life games when it comes to graphics, gameplay, and plot.

Around 20 years, after the incident in Black Mesa and the invasion of the Earth by an extremely powerful multidimensional empire that won a war that lasted mere 7 hours.

Big Brother is watching you at all times, spectating your progress, and constantly pushing you in a direction, giving you an illusion of free choice.

Those are my favorite childhood Sci-Fi games that I still replay to this day. Hope you enjoyed my Top15, thank you for reading, and ciao Bella, you lovely bastards! Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 08 Aug pm. The Thing. More on this topic: dead space 2. No regrets. Gamer Since: Dead Space 2. Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. For example, shooting a Slasher Necromorph in the head, like many other species, will have little effect; However, it can be stopped by firing at its bladed arms.

Depending on how they are injured, some necromorphes can adopt new ways and tactics, even Even after releasing Dead space 3 two years later, the community still holds Survival is scarce when the dead are coming back to life and devouring everyone in sight.

Like the brains of your foes, the zombie genre is blowing up in , but what are the best and bloodiest zombie shooting games in ? Let’s find out. Experience horror in deep space In melding our fear of the unknown, fear of the dark, and fear of being unable to breathe all into one setting: space is already pretty terrifying to many of us – and reasonably so. Many game publishers, directors, and authors have capitalized on this setting over So we rumbled, fought, crafted, and bulldozed our way through Although the classic over-the-shoulder view can create a separation between you and your on-screen Before we start with the review, I want to preface it by saying that I have no reason to be biased towards praising or bashing this game.

I am not sponsored by the developers or publishers of the game, nor do I see video games like that; RDR2 is my favorite game of all time. I still

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