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Microsoft office 2016 price in bangladesh free. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 OLP

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It is the eighth-most populous country in the world, with a population exceeding million people in an area of either , square kilometres 57, sq mi or , square kilometres 56, sq mi , [7] [15] making it one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Bangladesh shares land borders with India to the west, north, and east, and Myanmar to the southeast; to the south it has a coastline along the Bay of Bengal.

It is narrowly separated from Bhutan and Nepal by the Siliguri Corridor ; and from China by km of the Indian state of Sikkim in the north. Chittagong , the largest seaport , is the second-largest city. The official language is Bengali , one of the easternmost branches of the Indo-European language family. Bangladesh forms the sovereign part of the historic and ethnolinguistic region of Bengal , which was divided during the Partition of India in Ancient Bengal was an important cultural centre in the Indian subcontinent as the home of the states of Vanga , Pundra , Gangaridai , Gauda , Samatata , and Harikela.

Becoming part of the Delhi Sultanate , three city-states emerged in the 14th century with much of eastern Bengal being ruled from Sonargaon. The region was unified into an independent, unitary Bengal Sultanate.

Under Mughal rule , eastern Bengal continued to prosper as the melting pot of Muslims in the eastern subcontinent and attracted traders from around the world. Mughal Bengal became increasingly assertive and independent under the Nawabs of Bengal in the 18th century.

The Bengal Presidency grew into the largest administrative unit in British India. The creation of Eastern Bengal and Assam in set a precedent for the emergence of Bangladesh. A referendum and the announcement of the Radcliffe Line established the present-day territorial boundary of Bangladesh.

In , East Bengal became the most populous province in the Dominion of Pakistan. It was renamed as East Pakistan with Dhaka becoming the country’s legislative capital. The refusal of the Pakistani military junta to transfer power to the Awami League led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman led to the Bangladesh Liberation War in , in which the Mukti Bahini aided by India waged a successful armed revolution.

The conflict saw the Bangladesh genocide and the massacre of pro-independence Bengali civilians, including intellectuals.

The new state of Bangladesh became the first constitutionally secular state in South Asia in Bangladesh is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic based on the Westminster system. The country consists of eight divisions , 64 districts and subdistricts. It hosts one of the largest refugee populations in the world due to the Rohingya genocide. However, the poverty rate has halved since Its economy has constantly been among the fastest growing economies in the 21st century.

Starting in the s, Bengali nationalists used the term in political rallies in East Pakistan. The term Bangla is a major name for both the Bengal region and the Bengali language. The term Vangaladesa is found in 11th-century South Indian records. Stone Age tools found in Bangladesh indicate human habitation for over 20, years, [41] [ page needed ] and remnants of Copper Age settlements date back 4, years. By the 11th century people lived in systemically aligned housing, buried their dead, and manufactured copper ornaments and black and red pottery.

The early Iron Age saw the development of metal weaponry, coinage, agriculture and irrigation. It is written in the Brahmi script. Greek and Roman records of the ancient Gangaridai Kingdom, which according to legend deterred the invasion of Alexander the Great , are linked to the fort city in Wari-Bateshwar. These states had well-developed currencies, banking, shipping, architecture, and art, and the ancient universities of Bikrampur and Mainamati hosted scholars and students from other parts of Asia.

Xuanzang of China was a noted scholar who resided at the Somapura Mahavihara the largest monastery in ancient India , and Atisa travelled from Bengal to Tibet to preach Buddhism. The earliest form of the Bengali language emerged during the eighth century. The early history of Islam in Bengal is divided into two phases. The first phase is the period of maritime trade with Arabia and Persia between the 8th and 12th centuries. The second phase covers centuries of Muslim dynastic rule after the Islamic conquest of Bengal.

Much of this trade occurred with southeastern Bengal in areas east of the Meghna River. There is speculation regarding the presence of a Muslim community in Bangladesh as early as CE; this is based on the discovery of one of South Asia’s oldest mosques in northern Bangladesh. Abbasid coins have been discovered in the archaeological ruins of Paharpur and Mainamati. The Muslim conquest of Bengal began with the Ghurid expeditions led by Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khalji , who overran the Sena capital in Gauda and led the first Muslim army into Tibet.

Bengal was ruled by the Sultans of Delhi for a century under the Mamluk , Balban, and Tughluq dynasties. These city-states were led by former governors who declared independence from Delhi.

Sufis played an important role in spreading Islam in Bengal through both peaceful conversion and militarily overthrowing pre-Islamic rulers. In , Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah united the three city-states into a single, unitary and independent Bengal Sultanate. The new Sultan of Bengal led the first Muslim army into Nepal and forced the Sultan of Delhi to retreat during an invasion.

The army of Ilyas Shah reached as far as Varanasi in the northwest, Kathmandu in the north, Kamarupa in the east and Orissa in the south. Ilyas Shah raided many of these areas and returned to Bengal with treasures. During the reign of Sikandar Shah , Delhi recognized Bengal’s independence. The Bengal Sultanate established a network of mint towns which acted as a provincial capitals where the Sultan’s currency was minted.

The Bengal Sultanate was a melting pot of Muslim political, mercantile and military elites. Muslims from other parts of the world migrated to Bengal for military, bureaucratic and household services. Ghiyasuddin was also a friend of the Persian poet Hafez.

As a result, Arakan became a tributary state of Bengal. Even though Arakan later became independent, Bengali Muslim influence in Arakan persisted for years due to the settlement of Bengali bureaucrats, poets, military personnel, farmers, artisans and sailors. The kings of Arakan fashioned themselves after Bengali Sultans and adopted Muslim titles. Hussain Shah’s forces also conquered Jajnagar in Orissa. The Sultans launched many naval raids from Sonargaon.

A royal vessel from Bengal accommodated three embassies from Bengal, Brunei and Sumatra while en route to China and was the only vessel capable of transporting three embassies. The Sultans permitted the opening of the Portuguese settlement in Chittagong. The disintegration of the Bengal Sultanate began with the intervention of the Suri Empire.

Babur began invading Bengal after creating the Mughal Empire. The Bengal Sultanate collapsed with the overthrow of the Karrani dynasty during the reign of Akbar. However, the Bhati region of eastern Bengal continued to be ruled by aristocrats of the former Bengal Sultanate led by Isa Khan. They formed an independent federation called the Twelve Bhuiyans , with their capital in Sonargaon.

They defeated the Mughals in several naval battles. The Bhuiyans ultimately succumbed to the Mughals after Musa Khan was defeated. The Mughal Empire controlled Bengal by the 17th century.

During the reign of Emperor Akbar , the Bengali agrarian calendar was reformed to facilitate tax collection. The Mughals established Dhaka as a fort city and commercial metropolis, and it was the capital of Bengal Subah for 75 years.

Mughal Bengal attracted foreign traders for its muslin and silk goods, and the Armenians were a notable merchant community. A Portuguese settlement in Chittagong flourished in the southeast, and a Dutch settlement in Rajshahi existed in the north.

During the 18th century, the Nawabs of Bengal became the region’s de facto rulers. The ruler’s title is popularly known as the Nawab of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa , given that the Bengali Nawab’s realm encompassed much of the eastern subcontinent. The Nawabs forged alliances with European colonial companies, making the region relatively prosperous early in the century. The Bengali economy relied on textile manufacturing , shipbuilding, saltpetre production, craftsmanship, and agricultural produce.

Bengal was a major hub for international trade — silk and cotton textiles from Bengal were worn in Europe, Japan, Indonesia, and Central Asia. Bengali shipbuilding proved to be more advanced than European shipbuilding before the Industrial Revolution. The flush deck of Bengali rice ships was later replicated in European shipbuilding to replace the stepped deck design for ship hulls.

Eastern Bengal was a thriving melting pot with strong trade and cultural networks. It was a relatively prosperous part of the subcontinent and the center of the Muslim population in the eastern subcontinent.

The Bengali Muslim population was a product of conversion and religious evolution, [43] and their pre-Islamic beliefs included elements of Buddhism and Hinduism.

The construction of mosques, Islamic academies madrasas and Sufi monasteries khanqahs facilitated conversion, and Islamic cosmology played a significant role in developing Bengali Muslim society. Scholars have theorised that Bengalis were attracted to Islam by its egalitarian social order, which contrasted with the Hindu caste system.

Syncretic cults, such as the Baul movement, emerged on the fringes of Bengali Muslim society. The Persianate culture was significant in Bengal, where cities like Sonargaon became the easternmost centres of Persian influence. In , nawab Siraj ud-Daulah sought to rein in the rising power of the British East India Company by revoking their free trade rights and demanding the dismantling of their fortification in Calcutta.

A military conflict ensued which culminated in the Battle of Plassey on 22 June Historians often describe the battle as “the beginning of British colonial rule in South Asia”. Two decades after Vasco Da Gama ‘s landing in Calicut , the Bengal Sultanate permitted the Portuguese settlement in Chittagong to be established in It became the first European colonial enclave in Bengal. Portuguese ships from Goa and Malacca began frequenting the port city in the 16th century. The cartaz system was introduced and required all ships in the area to purchase naval trading licenses from the Portuguese settlement.

Slave trade and piracy flourished. The nearby island of Sandwip was conquered in In , the Portuguese allied with the Bengal sultan and held the Teliagarhi pass kilometres mi from Patna helping to avoid the invasion by the Mughals. By then several of the products came from Patna and the Portuguese send in traders, establishing a factory there since By the time the Portuguese assured military help against Sher Shah, the Mughals already had started to conquer the Sultanate of Ghiyasuddin Mahmud.


– Microsoft office 2016 price in bangladesh free

Buy MS Office Professional Plus at competitive price in Bangladesh. Order online or visit your nearest Star Tech branch. Microsoft Office Home & Business Office for Mac. Microsoft SKU: In Stock. Categories: SOFTWARE Microsoft OFFICE. Call For Price.

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