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How to Install Windows on a Chromebook | Digital Trends – Run Windows 10 on a Chromebook (2022)

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Jump to a Section. Chrome OS is somewhat limited in the types of programs it can run, but it may be possible to install Windows on your Chromebook to expand its functionality.

All you need is a few tools and software that you can find online for free. Windows only works on certain Chromebook models. Make sure your Chromebook is compatible with Windows.

Neither Google nor Microsoft officially support Windows for Chromebooks. Therefore, the only way to run Windows on a Chromebook it to hack your device. A developer named CoolStar has made a Windows for Chromebook Installation Helper where you can enter your device’s model and find the drivers you need to install Windows. Before you begin, use this tool to determine if your Chromebook is capable of running Windows. There’s also a list of all Windows components compatible with Chromebooks.

The site is frequently updated, so check back if something ever stops working. Hacking your Chromebook will void the warranty, so back up everything to your Google Drive and proceed with caution. In addition to new drivers and other software components, you will need the following items to complete the process:.

You do not need a Windows 10 product key to set up Windows on a Chromebook. While Microsoft will pester you to purchase one, there are very few restrictions on unregistered versions of Windows For example, some of the personalization settings are limited, but there are still workarounds that allow you to customize your desktop. You should only spend the extra money on a product key if you run into a task that you can’t do for free.

To install Windows, you must first replace your Chromebook’s BIOS , which are write-protected by a physical screw in the motherboard :. Some Chromebook’s have a write-protect switch instead of a screw. Check to see if your model has a switch; if it does, turn it off and skip to step 4.

Turn off your Chromebook and flip it upside down. Remove the screws holding the back panel in place and open up your computer. Locate and remove the write-protect screw, then replace the back panel. Press Enter to turn OS verification off and enable developer mode. Plug your Chromebook into a power source and wait for it to switch to developer mode. Your hard drive will be wiped, and you will be prompted to set up your Chromebook again like you did when you first bought it.

This is no longer required after you install Windows. Once finished, the firmware you need to run Windows will automatically install. Power down your Chromebook when the installation is complete. You can replace the write-protect screw, but you’ll have to remove it again if you ever want to reinstall the original BIOS.

On your Windows computer, go to the Windows 10 download page and select Download tool now under Create Windows 10 installation media. Check the box beside Use the recommended options for this PC , then select Next. Select USB flash drive , then select Next.

Select your USB drive, then select Next. Wait for the installation media to be created, select Finish , then remove the flash drive from your PC. Use the Windows for Chromebook Installation Helper to find the recommended drivers for your specific model.

If the Windows installer doesn’t boot from the USB device automatically, press Esc as soon as your Chromebook starts up to access the boot menu. If your Chromebook freezes at any point, hold down the power button to turn it off, then turn it back on.

When the Windows installer boots up, make sure the language and region settings are correct, then select Next. If you only have a USB keyboard, you can use the arrow keys, Tab , and Enter to navigate the installer menus, but a mouse makes it easier.

Select Install now. When asked for a product key, select I don’t have a product key. Select the version of Windows you want to install Windows 10 Home or Pro is recommended , then select Next and accept the license agreement. Select Custom: Install Windows only advanced.

Delete all of the partitions listed ignore the warnings so that you only have unallocated space on your hard drive.

Choose the unallocated space, then select Next. Wait for Windows to install and reboot. If prompted to remove the USB drive, make sure you do so, or else your Chromebook might automatically boot the installer again.

If this happens, long press the power button to turn off your computer, remove the drive, then turn it back on. Now you can set up Windows as normal. If you see an option for Express Settings , select it to speed things along.

The drivers should install automatically when you open them. Ignore any warnings from Windows, then restart your Chromebook when all the drivers are installed. When your Chromebook restarts, you can finally connect to a network. Windows will walk you through the final steps of the setup process, and you will have a fully functional Windows 10 laptop. The Chromebook trackpad and keyboard should work now, so you can disconnect your external keyboard and mouse.

Some keys have been remapped; for example, the Search key will serve as the Windows key. Most Chromebooks come with limited storage space and RAM, so you probably won’t be able to run resource-intensive software like PC games. Nonetheless, you should be able to use any Windows 10 application provided your machine meets the minimum technical specifications.

You should have no problem running Windows on high-end Chromebooks like the Google Pixelbook , but cheaper models may be more restricted. Unfortunately, there’s no way to run both Chrome OS and Windows on the same device at the same time.

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– Can i windows 10 on my chromebook


Access to Windows software on a Chromebook is tricky but not impossible. Here are your options and how to use them. Josh Can i windows 10 on my chromebook helps people find the best can i windows 10 on my chromebook at the best price — from simple Chromebooks to high-end gaming laptops. He’s been writing about and reviewing consumer technology and software for more than two decades.

Rick Broida is the author of numerous books and thousands of reviews, features and blog posts. He lives in Michigan, where he previously owned two escape rooms chronicled in the ebook “I Was a Middle-Aged Zombie”. Chromebooks are simple, secure, generally affordable and free of many of the hassles associated with Windows PCs. Most people will find they’re perfect for their needs.

But there is one thing that continues to exasperate people new to Chromebooks as well as stop a lot of potential buyers in their tracks: Chromebooks can not natively install and run Windows or Mac software. By that Windoqs mean if you have software specifically made for Windows or Mac operating systems, it won’t work directly on a Chromebook.

Then why does the headline of this story say that you can? Because, while Chromebooks are still known for their browser-in-a-box pastthey’ve evolved well beyond their simplistic roots. And although you may not be able to install Windows software directly on a Chromebook, you have other options for accessing the software tools you want or need.

Chromebooks продолжение здесь great secondary devices to cqn Windows PC or Mac. Part of the reason for that is Chrome’s easy-to-use Remote Desktop feature that lets can i windows 10 on my chromebook Chromebook connect to microsoft 2013 home student retail key free PC that’s running Windows — your desktop back home, for example, or the work laptop you left on in your office.

If you’ve never tried this, it may sound odd — but it works quite well. The Windows PC runs a remote-connectivity app wjndows stays active while you’re away; the Chromebook connects to that app and accesses the remote Windows desktop inside your browser, where you can run programs, update settings or whatever.

For all intents and purposes, it’s читать далее you’re sitting in front of your Windows machine — while you’re in front of your Chromebook. Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop is free, easy to set up and effective. Once you get to the main setup screen, you’ll see two options: Access my computer and Share my screen. Click Access my computerthen click Turn on under Set up remote access.

You’ll be given the option to install a CRD web app. It’s not necessary but gives you a better out-of-browser experience. Regardless of what you decide, next, you’ll give your computer a name followed by a PIN that’s at least six супер! adobe photoshop cc password free какие that you’ll use to remotely connect to your host PC.

Once that’s done, just make sure to leave your Windows PC running, and to tweak the power settings so it doesn’t go into standby mode after a period of inactivity. For this to work, your Chromebook needs to be детальнее на этой странице into the same Google account as your desktop. Once again, head to the Chrome Web Store to access CRD — though it should already be installed as part of your Can i windows 10 on my chromebook accounts keeping in sync. You just need to click Launch app.

Once again, click Remote Access listed on the left side of the screen. To save time in the future, click the check box that prevents you from having to enter the PIN every single time.

Then click Connect. And that’s it! Now you should see the Windows desktop in your browser. Your mouse and keyboard will work as always within the confines of that browser window. You can then launch and use the software on your PC while working on your Chromebook. You can even upload and download files between the two systems. A fast cyromebook connection for both the PC and Chromebook is needed for the best performance and even still you might run into a slight delay. That means streaming video or playing games, while possible, might not be the best experience.

Overall, though, this is an awesome way to get access to Windows software on a Chromebook. If your Chromebook is your only computer, then using Chrome Remote Привожу ссылку isn’t the solution for you. However, you’re not out of options just yet. So many things, especially when it chromeboko to productivity tasks like word processing and spreadsheets, can happen in a browser or with a web app that’s essentially a website that looks and behaves more like chromeook mobile app.

Google has a web store full of them. Progressive web apps PWA are also available for many sites. These, too, give you an app-like experience but with more features like offline use, the option to pin can i windows 10 on my chromebook to the taskbar, support for push notifications and updates and access to hardware features. If you can’t find a web app to meet your needs, all Chromebooks can run Android apps, too, from the Google Play Store — more than cromebook of them are available.

For those who can’t find a web app or Android app to chrommebook in for the Windows software you need, you can always search for a Linux alternative. That’s right: Chromebooks can run Linux 01. There you’ll see the option to Turn On a Linux development environment. Then just follow the onscreen windoows and within minutes you’ll be can i windows 10 on my chromebook to start installing and using Linux software.

Once you have it up and running, you can install access to a Linux app store like Flathub and find either Linux versions of the Windows software you need or viable alternatives. Chromeobok the Linux environment, you can also install software called Wine that will allow you to run Windows software on your Chromebook. It doesn’t run on Arm-based Chromebooks, only Intel and AMD-powered models, but it’s free and worth testing to see if that piece of Windows software you absolutely need to run on your Chromebook is compatible.

Your guide to a better future. Want CNET to notify you of price drops and the latest stories? No, thank you Accept. Tech Computing. Детальнее на этой странице Goldman. Rick Broida. Rick Broida Senior Editor.

Getting started Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop is free, easy to set up and effective. Apps aplenty If your Chromebook autodesk inventor 2016 32 bit free your взято отсюда computer, then using Chrome Remote Ссылка на страницу isn’t the solution for can i windows 10 on my chromebook. Look for Linux alternatives For those who can’t find a web app or Android app to fill in for the Can i windows 10 on my chromebook software you need, you can always search for a Linux alternative.


Yes, you can use Windows software on a Chromebook – CNET.Yes, you can use Windows software on a Chromebook – CNET


Moreover, both Google and Microsoft do not support Windows 10 running on Chromebook-focused hardware. That means you may not find Microsoft-certified drivers and must fall back on possible third-party solutions. Along can i windows 10 on my chromebook lines, Chromebooks are not natively compatible with Windows or Mac software. You can download a fresh copy of Windows 10 for free from here. Linux support on your Chromebook. School Chromebooks tend to not have Linux support, but recently Google brought support for Linux containers on a few Chromebooks.

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 11 will officially launch on 5 October. Both a free upgrade for those Windows 10 devices that are eligible and pre-loaded on new computers are due. This means that we need to talk about security and, specifically, Windows 11 malware. Home » Linux. Like this post? Please share to your friends:. Even though HyperTerminal is not a part of Windows 10, the Windows 10 operating. Move the mouse pointer to the lower left corner of the screen, right-click, and. Do I need to reinstall Windows after replacing /24124.txt drive?

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Can i windows 10 on my chromebook. How to Install Windows 10 on a Chromebook

Additionally, both Google and Microsoft do not support Windows 10 running on Chromebook-focused hardware. That means you may not find Microsoft-. Follow our guide and install Windows 10 on a Chromebook through a Virtual Machine. Using Virt Manager, you can run Windows 10 even on. It turns out you can indeed run Windows 10 on any of the top Chromebooks, provided you’re an enterprise or education customer or are willing to.

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