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You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Set of typing tools by Google. April 12, Retrieved April 21, Alphabet Inc. Tilghman Rachel Whetstone. Italics indicate discontinued products or services. You could, for example, write Russian using a French keyboard. The Google Input Tools extension comes with an on-screen keyboard allowing you to type in a different language with a virtual keyboard on the lower right corner of your screen.

Click on each character using a mouse on regular PCs or tap with your fingers on touchscreen laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The Google typing software offers more than 90 keyboards in different languages. It even allows symbols for unusual characters you can’t find on the keyboard. It’s a fast way to switch between alphabets when you want to write in two languages.

The handwriting tool lets you draw the words using a mouse, optical pen, touchscreen stylus, or your finger, whether you have a touchscreen -enabled device. It works wonders with pictographic languages. An optical tracing recognition feature translates your drawing of the word into the nearest character with a similar shape.

Then you choose between different options in a textbox. If you are a citizen of the world who grew up learning different languages, or need several languages for your work, you love the multicultural, multilingual global community we have nowadays.

Many Internet websites come in more than two languages or allow instant translation. Signs at tourist attractions and points of interest come in at least three languages. Yet your average keyboard displays only one alphabet on its keys. This is not a problem if you work in only one language, but in the world today, people need to speak, read and write in many. The best-known solution is to search the symbols tab for unusual characters in applications such as Word or Google Docs.

This method is time-consuming and inconvenient for people who need to type in different languages and often switch between two or more. As one of the leading providers of global communication services, Google is aware of the keyboard display limitation. It came up with a solution: virtual keyboard and keystroke translation tools which enable users to switch from one keyboard to another in a different language. The virtual keyboard Google input tool is available for more than seventy languages with different letters, syllabic or pictographic characters.

There is a Hindi input download , a simplified Chinese keyboard, a Marathi keyboard download , a phonetic Cherokee keyboard, among many others. Rather than looking for special characters in word processor apps, you can have a keyboard designed for the language of your choosing. Not having to rely on constant searches for different characters saves you lots of time on your busy schedule. When IME is toggled on, the button becomes a darker grey.

Pinyin IME is a phonetic input method. As you type pinyin, e. You can choose a candidate from the list by taking any of the following actions:. Wubi is a radical based input method. Zhuyin IME is a phonetic input method. After you type in Zhuyin of a character, e. Cangjie IME is a graphological based input method. To select a word from multiple candidates,you can take any of the following actions:. Cantonese does not have a widely used romanization standard.



Input method (IME) – Google Input Tools.

Available for Google services, Chrome, Android devices, and Windows. Google Input Tools remembers your corrections and maintains a custom dictionary for. It is a virtual keyboard that allows users to type in their local language text directly in any application without the hassle of copying and pasting. Google. The virtual keyboard for Google Input Tools for Windows lets you switch from one language to another with the on-screen keyboard and your PC keyboard. IMEs.


Google Input Tools.


In my experience, this is perhaps the best tool for typing in Indian languages. At present, you can type in 22 different languages using this tool. You should make sure you choose the right kind of download. If your Windows in 64 bit —you should download 64 bit installation. Learn how to find if your Windows is bit or bit.

While downloading, you would also need to select the language for which you need the GoogleIME. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use Hindi language IME.

By the way, I have another tutorial on how to type in Hindi on mobile phone. After the download is complete, run the installation file.

In the first step, the setup will download more files from Internet, so you should remain connected to Internet. Once download is complete just follow the setup instructions as below:.

Using GoogleIME, you can write in Hindi or any other supported language directly into any application e. MS-Word , Notepad, Wordpad etc. To run Google IME; make right click on in an empty area on task bar taskbar is the bar on which start button is located ; a pop-up menu will appear.

Windows 8 In Windows 8 you can select language and Input method from a pop-up list that comes when you click on language code that is visible adjacent to the clock bottom right corner.

If the desired input method is not there, follow the steps given below:. Read Also: Learn how to change hot keys for Input languages. You can drag it around and place it anywhere on screen. As mentioned before, you should first run the target application e. Now start typing in MS-Word or any other application of your choice , and you should see that typing is taking place in your chosen language.

As you type, edit window of IME will appear giving you choice of words that you might want to type. It is not necessary that you select a word from this window. While typing in your chosen language, you might need to type a few words in English as well. For this you can quickly toggle between languages using F12 key.

While typing in Hindi, if you press F12 key, the input language will get changed to English. When are finished typing in Hindi, press F12 again to go to back Hindi.

Sometimes, you will find yourself wondering how to type a particular character in Hindi. Now you can click on any character given in the keyboard and it will get printed. I hope this tutorial was useful for you in learning how to use GoogleIME on your computer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me! It gave the correspondence between Englsh characters and Malayalam charactersand so it was possible to customise English and Malayalam characters. The greatest advantage was that we were able to use familiar English key sequence for Malayalam characters. Unfortunately, this facility is not seen in the latest version of google Malayalam in put method. So kindly advise me how to customise English and Malayalam characters in thisversion.

Sadly, now I am forced to use older version of Windows just to type Malayalam in the way I want. Also inform me whether there is any input method in whic customisation is possible. Dear blog holder request to you please remove this article from web because this software is removed from server by google.

Google IME supports only Unicode font. It means that only some of the selected Unicode fonts only can be set there as default. Non-Unicode fonts usually have their own typing scheme. So, for Google IME it may not be possible to understand how to type in a special font. Google input is typing in mangal font… Only.

Google IME does not type in Krutidev font. But there is a solution. Thanks for this very useful info. Is this tool similar to the language tool available in Gmail or in Google translate? I am currently using a language tool that came with Hindi language pack of Office What happens to the documents already typed with other tools?

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