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Software Update: FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced

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Builds custom applications, and uses a variety of features and options to enhance and personalize existent applications or new ones. The latest version of the venerable app sports new features for There are only a couple of new “features” in FileMaker Server


Filemaker pro 14 new features free


Claris FileMaker Pro 19 Help. FileMaker Pro 19 includes the following new features and improvements. Features that were added or changed in a version after You can now replace the existing license certificate file at any time without quitting FileMaker Pro. See Replacing the license certificate file. Summary fields for hosted custom apps are now processed by FileMaker Server instead of the FileMaker client.

See Defining summary fields. Choose to open anyway, add the host to your permitted hosts list, or cancel. See Setting permitted hosts and plug-ins preferences. GetLiveText — Returns the text found in the image of the specified container field using the text-recognition algorithm.

See GetLiveText function. See ReadQRCode function. You can then run a shortcut using the Shortcuts app or Siri voice commands to open the file, run your script, and pass in an optional parameter.

See Running scripts through Shortcuts. Starting in FileMaker Server Along with more settings to support more providers, you can also customize the name and icon of the provider that users will see when they sign in with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, or FileMaker WebDirect.

See FileMaker Server Help. For a list of supported providers, see FileMaker Server technical specifications. In the Manage Security dialog box, FileMaker Pro now has a new account access type to authenticate users via a customized OAuth identity provider. You can use this new account access type to create accounts for users or groups that you define in your identity provider.

See Editing OAuth account access. Set Session Identifier — Sets an identifier for the user’s current session. You can use this script step to change the session identifier so that it provides additional information to administrators. See Set Session Identifier script step. See Get SessionIdentifier function. See Get AccountType function. FileMaker Pro is now a Universal macOS app, which takes advantage of the advanced capabilities of Mac computers with Apple silicon and also runs on Intel-based Mac computers.

Get ApplicationArchitecture returns arm64 on Mac computers with Apple silicon. See Get ApplicationArchitecture function. If your Windows computer hasn’t been updated with the necessary Microsoft Edge components, the FileMaker Pro installer or updater will add them.

Web viewers provide better support for web standards, which may enable you to simplify the JavaScript and CSS you use in web viewers. See Scripting with JavaScript in web viewers. You no longer need to install a web browser plug-in to display PDF files. Working with PDF files in interactive containers. See GetModelAttributes function. Scripts can use this information to install the plug-in that’s appropriate for the operating system and hardware architecture.

GetAddonInfo — Additionally returns whether an add-on adds objects to a layout and whether it creates a relationship. See GetAddonInfo function. See Get SystemPlatform function. Click to edit the cards or drag to sort them or to move them to different columns. Apex Blue theme — This is now the default theme for new custom apps.

It’s also used by the new add-ons listed above. See Changing the theme of a layout. PerformScriptWithOption function — JavaScript in a web viewer can now call this function to run a FileMaker script and pass the new option parameter to control how a currently running FileMaker script is handled. You can also create external server account access entries in the Manage Security dialog box that authenticate via AD FS. See Editing external server account access. Specifying the minimum version allowed to open a file — The Minimum version allowed to open this file option now allows you to enter a version number rather than choose one from a list.

See Setting file options. Add-ons — Add new features and functionality to your custom apps with add-ons, predesigned sets of components that perform specific actions or tasks. See Working with add-ons. See Creating a FileMaker Pro file. JavaScript integration — JavaScript in a web viewer and FileMaker scripts can communicate directly; each can call the other and pass in parameters. Use your own or third-party JavaScript libraries to add advanced user interface elements to your apps, such as calendars, charts, and custom controls.

Siri Shortcuts support in FileMaker Go — Designate FileMaker scripts to be donated to the Shortcuts app, to be available for creating shortcuts that can be run from Shortcuts or by Siri voice commands.

See About window styles and the “Script steps” and “Functions” sections, below. Scientific notation — Fields can be formatted to display numbers in scientific notation.

See Specifying formats for fields containing numbers. See Inserting the date, page number, or other variable onto a layout. Button bar segment state styles — Copy and paste button bar segment state styles between states and to other button bar segments. See Copying formatting attributes in layouts. As you type, a list of matching layouts appears.

Use the Get SystemAppearance function to detect when the appearance is light or dark. See Get SystemAppearance function. Open a file when FileMaker Pro starts — Set a preference to open a specified file at start time.

See Setting general preferences. See Using data in container fields. See Configure Machine Learning Model script step. See Supported cURL options. See ComputeModel function.

See Get ApplicationVersion function. YearName — The era designation A. See YearName function. The following functions no longer accept “SHA” the SHA-0 cryptographic algorithm for the algorithm parameter and now return “? Windows: FileMaker Pro no longer supports Windows 7. See FileMaker Pro technical specifications. Windows: FileMaker Pro is now available only in the bit version.

If you used the bit version:. To switch from bit to bit FileMaker Pro in Windows or to disable incompatible plug-ins, search the Knowledge Base.

Changing the Minimum version allowed to open this file option can now be done whether the file is local or hosted. The name of the empty file required to prevent default fields from being added to new tables has changed from DefaultFields.

See Defining database tables. Was this topic helpful? Send feedback. Account Settings Logout. All Files. Submit Search. Version New functions GetLiveText — Returns the text found in the image of the specified container field using the text-recognition algorithm. Script steps New script step Set Session Identifier — Sets an identifier for the user’s current session. Only the identity provider button is displayed. A new file option enables you to change the default.

See About controlling plug-in access between files. See Opening files using a URL. Barcode Generator: Generates a barcode image from field data. Calendar: Displays events on a calendar that you can edit. Calendar Heatmap: Shows the number of events per day on a three-month heatmap. Photo Gallery: Displays and automatically resizes photos in columns and rows. Rich Text Editor: Enables you to write and display richly formatted text with links and images. Simple Chart: Draws a visually rich, interactive chart.


FileMaker 14 Cheat Sheet – Brief Guide to New Features.Claris launches the last-ever annual FileMaker Pro release | AppleInsider


WebDirect 14 includes performance improvements, at the high end the recommended hardware supports up to concurrent connections. In our labs, we did notice WebDirect is faster than before. This version will bring desktop users a better experience and any users still using IWP Instant Web Publishing will want to look at WebDirect in FileMaker Server 14 to see if now is the time to upgrade. The other big news with WebDirect is mobile browsers are supported. You will get a new toolbar specifically for mobile devices.

In addition, you can now hide the status toolbar on WebDirect for a more controlled user experience. Test before you get your hopes too high as all FileMaker Servers come with 1 connection for you to test. WebDirect continues to be an option for deploying to internal users, for external customers or vendors you should continue to use Custom Web Publishing CWP using traditional web programming tools. If you have Androids in your organization look at WebDirect as mobile browser support now means support for Androids.

The FileMaker 14 platform continues to be the easiest to deploy custom applications with unparalleled ease of use for organizations all around the world. FileMaker Go continues to evolve into a product that gives the platform a competitive edge. Allowing organizations to create a custom application on iOS devices while providing an incredible ROI. After 18 months, we are happy to see FileMaker 14 and look forward to building awesome custom applications using the new modern design tools for the Mobile, Web, and Desktop.

Contact us if you would like assistance taking advantage of these new features. Did you know we are an authorized reseller for Claris FileMaker Licensing? Contact us to discuss upgrading your Claris FileMaker software.

He also a founding member of the FileMaker Partner Council and certified in FileMaker 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, and 8. Kevin is passionate about FileMaker as a custom application platform and is constantly on a mission to improve how he approaches each assignment.

Blog Software tips, techniques, and news. Overview Some of the biggest news in the FileMaker 14 platform includes New Design Tools are available that continue to make FileMaker the easiest to develop and deploy custom application platform on the market.

Items such as predefined icons to choose from, support for Glyphs, navigation bars, and button bars continue to allow you to modernize your FileMaker application.

New Script Workspace for Developers that lays the foundation for the future of scripting with many new ways to build scripts via type ahead and favorite script steps. Second major release of WebDirect includes compatibility for mobile devices and performance improvements.

WebDirect allows you to easily publish your application in a browser on the web using the FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced client to build your application.

Existing customers have up to 1 year to renew at previous price. FileMaker Pro 14 The latest version continues to focus on new features that enhance usability for users and developers. Button Icons We think this is the year of Button Icons.

Navigation Bars You now have a new layout part available in FileMaker to add to your applications. Button Bar Allow you to display multiple buttons and popover buttons horizontally or vertically.

Themes FileMaker 14 comes with two new Themes, pushing the total number of Themes to more than You can now also copy and paste custom styles on the same layout.

Script Workspace For any user who writes or edits scripts, this is a big change. Placeholder Text in Fields You can now have placeholder text inside of empty fields which is basically like having in-field labels. New User Interface FileMaker Go 14 more than ever before looks and feels like the award-winning FileMaker Pro client streamlining the experience of the desktop with mobile devices. Mobile Features There are many additional features giving you better control of your mobile applications such as locking of the screen orientation, enhanced signature capture, video and audio playback control, support for rich text editing, and enabling touch keyboards.

FileMaker Server 14 Server has always been known for its ease of use and ability to run with little to no problems. Summary The FileMaker 14 platform continues to be the easiest to deploy custom applications with unparalleled ease of use for organizations all around the world. Claris FileMaker Server Windows Addressed an issue where, under certain conditions, renaming or creating a script in the Script Workspace caused FileMaker Pro to close.

Who should use this software? To ensure a smooth installation, disable virus detection software before applying the update, and re-enable it after the installation is complete.

Other applications can remain open. Read and accept the displayed license agreement, then proceed as directed. Click Update to update your software. After the update has completed, you will see a message confirming the successful installation of the new version.

You are required to update all FileMaker Pro 14 products; you cannot update a single product. OS X: The version information may not be updated until the next time you log in or restart. You must restart your computer before using the software. If the update does not complete successfully, try the following: Create backup copies of any files you saved in the FileMaker Pro 14 or FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced application folder.

Run the updater program again.

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