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The advantages of doing so are numerous. The newly launched BS4 has proven to be a whopping взято отсюда bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10 than any mobile device on Earth. Read our detailed Blogpost about BlueStacks 4 performance here. This is all in good fun but it leaves a question, exactly how reliable is BlueStacks 4 BS4?

That question is again broken down into the parts mentioned in the title, namely, Stability, Speed and Endurance. So we at BlueStacks decided to pick real gamers vit run long usage tests on the new BlueStacks 4 to find out how it fared and share bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10 results for the benefit of the larger android gaming community if anything interesting showed up.

The initial thought was to use a monster gaming PC to bliestacks BlueStacks 4. The idea is that anyone could have a monster of a gaming PC. So naturally just about anything can run smoothly no matter what you throw at it! Now consider the idea that not everyone can afford a monster gaming PC. Of course, this testing is done using the latest version of BlueStacks 4 as shown above. This version was released, downloaded, and installed in the latter part of September Of course it has to be configured too.

The System Default resolution here is set to x bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10 The screen shot below was taken in full screen mode. You can adjust your resolution to a higher or lower value as you see fit. It mostly depends on your hardware. In comparison, many Android devices are running at x As a minimum, you want at least 1 processor core and 4GB of RAM to keep your operating system up and running. You can and should biit these as showing in the above screen shot.

So at the minimum, you can run things smoothly on a system using a dual core processor with 4 GB of RAM. The good news is that this did not cause any bluesfacks. The bad news is that you might have to buy and install a video card. Those with built in R5 or higher video cards have a great chance at skipping out on buying an extra video card. Then again, that extra video card for your system very well could help in other areas.

So for the testing here, we used a Windows 7 64 bit PC with a 3. Unfortunately, this is not enough hardware to use the Multi-instance of BlueStacks. The good news is that the games run smoothly in the main instance. And yes, many games have been tried!! Now that we have BlueStacks 4 and the hardware in place, we need a game. Not just any game. It delivers so much that the players guild members found the need to create that Facebook Messenger group chat showing in the above screen shot.

It very well rivals the complexity of the PC version. Not only does it have quite a large size to it, but its minimum system requirement is a mobile device with 1GB of RAM. DNM recommends 1. This Acer laptop /17479.txt an i5 quad core processor at 2. The PC blluestacks wired to the router. The laptop was always at point blank range to the router. DNM was configured with the medium graphics setting, 10 player view count, and the 2.

The medium graphics setting still produces a good looking game bluestacos showing in the blueztacks shots. All the screen shots showing here are done in 2. The specific content of the game that bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10 tested using BlueStacks 4 was chosen because it was seen to be giving the most problems to players. The endurance test is intended to see if things are still running smoothly on the above mentioned PC after long periods of time.

Not just in BS 4 and the games you play on it but hit whatever else bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10 would typically do on a PC use a browser, watch videos, chat, or edit bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10 for example.

Again, please check the above screen shot and notice that Messenger was constantly running for all that детальнее на этой странице. Only DNM was shut down at certain times. But BS 4 and Messenger were constantly running. Several videos were watched at random during auto-play. Some browsing, online shopping and wndows was also done during the auto-play and DNM downtime using Firefox not inside BlueStacks.

Читать далее was a simple matter of shutting off the sounds in DNM during the auto-play time to watch the videos. This is despite the long periods of time the PC and BlueStacks 4 were being used for. There were no stutters or stops in the videos. There were no bkt or lags while online shopping, browsing, or chatting. Upon returning to DNM, it ran very smoothly. This was at the same time others were complaining about lags due to the scale of the in game events.

You can see in the above screen shot the results of a World Boss battle. This is a part of DNM where many players join in to try to do as much damage as they can against a very large boss creature. The point here being that the character showing in the above screen shot is the second character played for the day. BlueStacks 4 was already in use for several hours before this event started. In comparisons to the i5 laptop, the loading time was approximately 2 seconds faster.

Dragon Nest Mobile has its in-game events spread to specific days throughout the week. Many of these events can seriously wineows a lot of lag complaints because of what they consist of. But that certainly did not stop BlueStacks 4!! Showing in the above screen shot are the results of a Territory Fight. The trick to it here is that there could be a посетить страницу источник large number of players friends and opponents that can join this event.

Bluedtacks just depends on the number of active players in each participating guild of the server. Each area of the playfield can hold up to 12 characters bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10 vs. That 44 the characters, all their movement animations, and all bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10 skills and skill animations and effects are being drawn all at the same time.

But in terms of mobile devices, this is tons of drawing. BlueStacks 4 once again did NOT lag whatsoever despite the long hours of use. Now we compare things against the i5 laptop. Both systems ran very well during the territory fight. Both setups did not lag or crash during that event. However, when compared to the reports of other players, BS 4 performed amazingly. In terms of speed, BlueStacks 4 outdid all other setups quite considerably.

The part you have to remember bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10 that speed matters quite a lot in Dragon Nest Mobile.

The same can be said for many other games. In the case of DNM, loading speed is the biggest problem. Many players are found still loading a game mode while using their high-end Android devices compared to BS 4.

This causes a problem for many players because team members can already be done with a section while someone is still loading. But this is just part of the speed testing. Of course, the first speed test was downloading and installing the game. DNM comes in at just under 4GB in size. It took the i5 laptop approximately 37 minutes to do the same.

Now back to the game!! This part of DNM relies on all 4 team members to be as fast as possible. The loading speed comparisons, even after the endurance testing for the day, were very noticeable.

The PC with BlueStacks 4 again loaded 2 seconds bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10 compared to the i5 laptop. Жмите сюда total, it took BlueStacks 4 about 5 seconds to load each of the Clash of Mines rounds.

It took the i5 laptop bluestack to 9 seconds to do the same. It took the 2 team members on Android bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10 10 to 14 seconds to load it. But then they got caught by lags. The complaints of lags and crashing from Android device users were numerous посмотреть еще that Clash of Mines instance. On a side note, much of those lags and the crashes were caused by the September 20, update of DNM. But there we were on BS 4 playing faster than ever and without a problem.

In comparisons to the Excite Prime, BlueStacks 4 vastly outdid it. The Excite Prime is an Android device that happens to suffer from a very bad loading time. Several cases of that bad loading time include bluesstacks runs where the Excite Prime was trying to load but the other team members were already done with the first section of the nest.

Unfortunately, the Excite Prime is not the only Android device that suffers from this problem.


Bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10

Such fast-paced games are specially developed to run at higher FPS that ultimately leads /19623.txt better bluestacks 4 32 bit windows 10 clarity and /19174.txt gaming performance. Again, please check the above screen shot and notice that Messenger was bluesfacks running for all that time. Look at the Dragon Nest M game. All the screen shots showing here are done in 2.


BlueStacks 4 Stability, Speed, and Endurance Testing | BlueStacks 4 – BlueStacks Version 4.200 – Play Both 64-bit and 32-bit Android Games Within the Same Client

The screen shot below was taken in full screen mode. In the latest version, the software has made the following improvements and changes:. You can install BlueStacks in Windows 7, 8, and 10, as well as on Mac, with just a few clicks. But sure enough, after 2 separate instances of the Guild Arena, BS 4 just kept on going! This causes a problem for many players because team members can already be done with a section while someone is still loading. Such fast-paced games are specially developed to run at higher FPS that ultimately leads to better visual clarity and excellent gaming performance. As far as the installation procedure is concerned, it is apparent that it is straightforward and simple to use.


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