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Mac Fixed a crash that could occur when undoing the pasting of certain components. Mac Fixed a crash that could occur when opening and closing multiple large models. Performance Improved the performance of Stamp and Drape and other operations where geometry is intersected. Improved the performance of erasing entities within groups in large models. Improved the performance of undoing changes to geometry. Requires use of a Google account to access Trimble Connect either a Gmail account or an email associated with Google will work.

The Metric system is now supported. The ability to choose and order the report columns has been added. One or more reports can now be saved with a model as a template for future use. Templates can also be duplicated and edited as needed.

The ability to filter based on component levels has been added. Notes: Generate Report is a Pro only feature. You must be online for the new version of Generate Report to work. Offline users will see the older version Users with Internet Explorer 8 Installed will see the older version of Generate Report. Upgrade IE to version 9 or newer for best results. Fixed an issue where an uploaded model could get out of sync with the model saved to disk – we now require that a model be saved before uploading.

Win SketchUp now returns to your last visited 3D Warehouse location during your current SketchUp session vs redirecting to the home page each time you call up the 3D Warehouse dialog. Mac Fixed an issue where a suffix could be appended to the definition name of downloaded components. Tools Fixed an issue with the 2 Point Arc tool in which an arc endpoint could be misplaced when drawing in small dimensions.

An excess line was created. Fixed an issue where the edges were not removed when creating a fillet if the arc endpoint ended on another endpoint. Fixed an issue where Arc and Pie detent radius tooltips were only displayed when parallel to an axis. Fixed a cosmetic issue with the Arc and Pie tool drawing lines were hard-coded black and not using colors style-specific colors.

Fixed a cosmetic issue in which the Rotated Rectangle, Arc, and Pie cursors were not updating based on clicks or typing values in the VCB Measurements toolbar. Fixed an issue where the Rotated Rectangle protractor was not displayed with dotted lines when on a back edge.

Fixed a cosmetic issue with the Rotated Rectangle tool where a line could remain while locking to an axis using the arrow keys. Fixed an issue in which an edge could not be directly extended when the edge was too close to an axis line.

With this fix, the more you zoom in, the smaller this snapping tolerance becomes allowing you to extend an edge easier and eliminate undesired snapping of edges to axes during tracing. Updated status bar for Paint Bucket to identify modifier keys for sampling materials. Changed the hotspot for the Eraser tool to be smaller. Fixed an issue where, when performing two offsets with manually selected items, the first offset could be undone.

Added new modifier keys to lock just protractor orientation for Rotate and Protractor tools. Fixed an issue where pressing Shift would release a constraint that was locked using an arrow key. Fixed an issue where an invalid input in the VCB Measurements toolbar broke the copy mode.

Inferencing Improved consistency across drawing tools with using shift to lock through different point inferences including endpoints, midpoints, arc centers, and guide points. This functionality is new to several tools. Added inferencing when using the rotation handles within the Move tool. Fixed an issue in which inference points could not always be found with the Move tool for points that were off of the gluing surface for glued groups or components.

Expanded the list of inference types that can be found for this case. Fixed an issue in which an incorrect parallel inference was found after undoing a rotation or move.

Fixed an issue in which an incorrect parallel inference was found after rotating an edge that was in a group or component. Fixed an issue where Arc and Pie could show a parallel inference for a non-parallel edge.

Updated protractor-based tools e. Fixed an issue in which Arc and Pie did not draw in the correct plane when using shift before first click. Fixed an issue where the Arc and Pie tools were not showing Intersection inferences after first click. Fixed an issue where the Center of a Circle could not be found when the Circle was contained within a Group. Fixed an issue where midpoints on Polygon segments could not be found if Polygon was split by an edge.

Fixed an issue where the Rotated Rectangle, Arc, and Pie tools were not always showing From Point inferencing along an axis. Fixed a cosmetic issue where the Circle and Polygon radii were not turning bold when locked to an inference using shift. Fixed a cosmetic issue with the 2 Point and 3 Point Arc tools where the drawing line could change appearance when locked using shift.

Mac Fixed an issue where exporting 3D formats took an exorbitant amount of time. Mac Fixed an issue where the original file was not visible in Finder or on the Desktop after saving a file a second time.

Win Fixed the issue where the user would lose the scroll bars on the Welcome Dialog, Templates tab, when the middle mouse wheel was used.

Win Fixed the “File currently locked by another user” message that was seen when opening a file via double click when the Preview Pane in Windows Explorer was open. Win Fixed an issue where you could see a CFileException 5 error when saving a model multiple times in a row without waiting long between saves.

The height changes were applied as a font point size change. Fixed an issue in which the height option was not working for Dimensions. Fixed an issue in which 3D Text dialog did not always remember the last used typeface.

Provided a more complete fix for a crash on Yosemite when the dialog was opened. Mac Fixed an issue where 3D Text could not be placed after clicking on a component in the Components browser. Entity Info Mac Fixed an issue where Entity Info could sometimes get stuck at the top of your display window or be taller than expected.

Mac Fixed an issue in the Entity Info dialog where the “Text Position” and Endpoints” labels were swapped for linear dimensions. After downloading Google Sketchup Architecture Visualizer for SketchUp is a premiere Visualizer allows Driving Dimensions is a plug-in for Google SketchUp that allows you to make parametric changes of any 3D model in very simple and intuitive way.

Windows Mac. SketchUp Viewer. Maxwell for Rhino x SimLab SketchUp exporter for 3ds Max. V-Ray for SketchUp 7. About Contact Privacy Desclaimer. Saturday, November 5, Unknown PM. Assalamualaikum Wr. Extract file yang telah anda download menggunakan winrar, lalu bukalah folder yang telah anda Extract.

Selanjutnya, jalankan file Installer yang bernama “Setup.



Baixar Vray SketchUp Crackeado Portugues Bits Gratis


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