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Giveaway of the Day – free licensed software daily — Ashampoo Snap 9

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Direct and easy download of Ashampoo software and an overview of all Ashampoo Show only free programs v | Free Full Version MB. Ashampoo Snap 12 captures your desktop as screenshots and videos. Screen captures are freely editable, commentable and shareable through networks.

Ashampoo snap 9 portable free


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Ashampoo snap 9 portable free


I always install Snap, I even upgraded a couple of times. A great tool, I use it all the time. The editing options are great. Highly recommended. One point though – till now I had Snap 7 – I am not sure that there are many new features in this one. Are there enough changes to warrant replacing Snap 8?

Hopefully it will help answer your question. I have Snap 8 too, and am also debating whether to upgrade ;-.

Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks Ashampoo, I have many of your products. This installs quickly and works just fine on Win Contrary to others I love Ashampoo Snap because of its built-in output features not only to various drives but formats as well. So the free upgrade given away today is most welcome, especially as the download comes without wrapper. Much appreciated, thank you dear Giveaway Team and Ashampoo.

I have Snap7. The description of the newer version doesn’t mention “user friendly”. I would suggest to Ashampoo a company I like , to consider restructuring the Pgm for ease of use. With GreenShot you press Print-Screen, get a user defined drag box and it exports a nice high res image to one of many programs you choose in advance or on the fly. Easy Peasy. There is also a way to have the image sent to one of your programs that’s not in the list. I don’t feel you should need to go to night school to learn to use any program.

Ashampoo should give that point some serious thought. Frank Russo, “I would suggest to Ashampoo a company I like , to consider restructuring the Pgm for ease of use But like most types of software, capture apps can vary quite a bit, often depending on what the software’s designed to accomplish.

Snap packs in quite a few features that, no matter how the GUI is designed, will by necessity make it a little bit harder to learn to use. Greenshot by comparison does not have tons of features, so it can be kept simple. There’s always something to be said for not paying for stuff you don’t use, whether the extra amount you pay is in time to learn or money.

Is there a detailed user manual that I can download as pdf? I have earlier Snaps but never use them because they are complicated and I cannot find good instruction videos. Greenshot foss good generic , Monosnap one of the best with desktop screen recording , Mr.

Shot great for freehand drawing your capture area , Bug Shooting Many Options – Free for personal use, CaptureIt Plus basic with some features like capture circle rectangle active window time delay , iWeSoft Screenshot Capture has webcam capture and some cool tools , just a quick list and more like pic pick is a good one. I take a screenshot maybe once a year like most people I am not going to go out on limb and pay IceTheNet, ” I take a screenshot maybe once a year like most people I am not going to go out on limb and pay I would disagree however with you calling this a “free trial offer”, since if you install the GOTD today, it’s yours.

Can this be used as a “portable” version on Win 7 Pro bit? In my office, I cannot install new programs but can use “portable” versions. Will this work on XP? From my notes from an earlier giveaway, v7 is the last version to run on XP. The installer aborts and throws an alert if you try and install it under Vista, sorry did not check how the installaer behaves under XP it could either do the same or report it’s not a valid win32 application.

End result will be the same. I have Ashampoo Snap 8 from an older promotion, and I almost always end up using one of the two other tools I have zeroed in : either Windows 7 own Snip Tool, which is minimal but very often sufficient, or Pic Pick, which has a better resolution, can pick up smaller icons, and has a great editor.

Snip Tool has a great feature most other sophisticated programs do not have : the ability to automatically add a border, without having to open the clip in an editor. If you routinely clip portions of the screen, this is required. Ashampoo Snap is bloated, takes up the whole screen, and when I’ve tried to use the more advanced features capture a whole Web page, for instance , they have often failed.

There’s no problem trying it however, any other that you will be bombarded with nag screens and promotional emails. This is standard Ashampoo policy, and the price to pay for their generous and regular offers of free or deeply discounted programs. For what it’s worth, Ashampoo Snap 10 is available for I always install Ashampoo Snap when it is featured here.

But ironically i never use it! I just ask myself why i use Windows built-in Snipping Tool instead of Snap and it seems that Snap is too much for my daily use. I need screenshots almost everyday but Snipping Tool is easy and less cluttered. Besides, Snap works always on background and i don’t like it. So this time i skip installing it. I use it. I have never heard of Snipping Tool. I find the most useful: Gadwin PrintScreen free.

Very handy. I use it daily several times. Hope, I have and use only XP and below. Thanks all the same, you ave explained it. Have done since I discovered it years ago. I’ve had trial versions of two Snap editions – never been able to work out how to use them though.

Snipping Tool is quick and easy, and just sits there waiting to be used when needed. In Win 10 you’ll find it under Windows Accessories. Sound Recording with the screen capturing video is getting distorted after few seconds. Please look into it. My Lap top Window V P SINGH, There’s an awful lot that could be going wrong, but the 1st 2 things I’d check myself would be to see what’s going on in task mgr before attempting video recording — if your laptop is already using lots or all of its resources doing something else, there won’t be enough left to manage recording — and 2nd, try a smaller capture window, which should require less hardware resources — your laptop may not be powerful enough, or the hard drive might be too slow etc.

This is an older version. At their website there is version Thats kind of the idea with this site – give away an older version for free, with a discount to the latest version. So it’s strange for v9 to be offered now. Hello, please note that the promo you mentioned was not a usual Giveaway, but a competition, so this is the latest program version offered. GOTD team. Helen, Ah, the page for all Ashampoo giveaways doesn’t reflect that little detail. Thanks for letting all of us know that.

Eddie, yes some vendors refuse to offer a version they currently sell and instead offer an older no longer supported version. They hope to upsell the current version off the back of the giveaway Eddie, Ashampoo prorgams usually get a new version every year, in order to feed the engine of promotions such as this one.

So, using the n – 1 version is not a problem, if the program suits you generally : most of the time it will be a quite powerful and current piece of software in its own right. Helen, what are the differences between Snap v9 and Snap which I already have? Sam, Ashampoo software that have version numbers of a year e.

You’ll probably need to go to Ashampoo’s website to find out what the differences are. All rights reserved. Patent Pending. No, thanks Yes, I’d like to. Don’t miss all the cool giveaways. Allow notifications in your browser. Giveaway of the day — Ashampoo Snap 9. Ashampoo Snap 9 was available as a giveaway on January 15, ! Download trial Ashampoo Snap 9.

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