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Making Windows 10 perform faster isn’t hard. You just need a few simple tips and tricks. This article covers several methods to make Windows 10 faster and improve its performance. While hardware upgrades also work, like buying more RAM or investing in an SSD, those cost money, so we’re going to skip them.

Let’s start with the most effective ways to speed up Windows However, you must first enable Game Mode. Tap the toggle switch below Game Mode. It’s only supposed to be used for games, but you can activate it whenever you need to get a little burst of speed.

It’s particularly useful if you have a lot of background apps that are dragging down a resource-intensive program. Even so, some of you will experience a greater performance boost than others. The reduced number of background apps may improve your performance where no other tricks would help. If you want to try it out in Adobe Premiere, give it a try. Disabling visual effects disabled on a few systems seems to make a big impact, particularly on older computers.

On the downside, things won’t look as nice. We advise leaving Smooth edges of screen fonts enabled as it helps when reading text. Windows has three default settings for how your processor ramps up its frequency.

The three defaults are Balanced , High performance , and Power saver. Sometimes manufacturers also include custom plans here. You are almost always better off on a laptop using the Balanced or Power saver plans, but High performance can make Windows faster by trading battery endurance for power. Because it consumes the most amount of power it’s also more appropriate for desktops.

You can alter your settings by navigating to Power Options in the Control Panel. When you install a program, it sometimes tries to run silently in the background. That’s fine for just a handful of programs, but the impact on performance adds up.

With enough auto-starting programs running, the entire system gets bogged down. Getting rid of non-essential startup software is absolutely essential for performance. Fortunately, Windows makes it easy to remove most auto-starters. The majority of apps out there don’t need to run in the background unless they come preinstalled with your computer and even these are oftentimes bloatware.

Unfortunately, some programs hide in other locations, but you can find and eliminate stealth auto-starters as well. One of the biggest causes of slow internet speeds isn’t your provider. It’s your Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to common issues like channel congestion and overlapping Wi-Fi signals, it can be difficult getting a stable signal if you live in an apartment complex. Fortunately, most routers offer two features that can improve your connection’s speed and stability.

You can either use a wired connection or change your router’s channel. Configuring a wired connection is simple: just buy an Ethernet cable and plug it in. Changing a router’s channel , while also easy, requires a more in-depth explanation. First, use Microsoft’s Wi-Fi analyzer tool to determine which channels work best for your computer, and second, go into your router’s settings to change the channel. Windows Update hogs resources when it runs in the background. You can configure it to run only at specific times.

For example, when the device isn’t in operation. That means no more restarts while you’re in the middle of an important task. This setting only limits the times during which Windows will install updates automatically. Windows Update will still download updates during those hours. If you have a limited bandwidth Wi-Fi connection, Windows Update can significantly impact your internet performance by downloading updates in the background.

You can prevent this by setting your connection to metered; this will disable Windows Update , though some security patches may still download. This only works with Wi-Fi networks, though a hack for applying this setting to Ethernet connections does exist.

When you search for a file, Windows doesn’t scan every directory on your computer if you have indexing enabled. Indexing creates a text manifest of the items stored on your computer. It dramatically improves file search speed. On semi-recent computers, it’s best not to turn indexing off. There’s little benefit. Even on a modern computer, turning off Windows 10’s indexing feature will significantly slow down searches of your storage drive for very little performance gain.

On the other hand, if you own a very old computer, turning off Search Indexing will help your system’s performance. One of the best apps for cleaning up an overloaded disk is WinDirStat. WinDirStat is both completely free, open-source, and available in both installed and portable versions. Out of all the apps out there that claim to improve performance, no program does it better than a RAM drive.

Users then move parts of essential software to the RAM disk, which results in large gains in speed. However, we advise RAM drive usage only for those who want to improve the performance of a single application. The most important examples of software that benefit from RAM disks are Photoshop, browsers, and video editing software.

But you can get away with less. A lot of RAM drive software exist. The free version is limited to 1GB in size. Setting up a RAM disk just requires downloading and installing the software.

After running the software, you need to configure it with the following options:. You can use any size but a smaller capacity limits its utility. Check the box for Set Disk Label. That way, you can identify the disk in the next step. Configure your browser to read and write cache files to and from the RAM disk. Right-click on your browser shortcut and choose Properties from the context menu. Windows 10 makes it easier than ever to access a browser shortcut. You can do it directly from the Taskbar.

From Properties , choose the Shortcut tab. Then within the Target: text input field, append the following code to the end of the text, where “R” is your own RAM disk drive letter:. Finally, choose OK and restart your browser. From now on, Chrome will read and write cache files to the RAM disk.

While a few believe RAM drives to be infeasible, the critics make good points. One of the biggest shortcomings is that RAM drives can make your computer shut down slower. And because they run in the background, older computers might not handle the additional overhead very well.

We’ve written to death on the subject of malware scanners for good reason: most performance problems originate with malicious programs running wild in the background. We have written before about the best free anti-malware clients , which is a good stopping point for anyone with a slow computer. The Windows registry has all the settings for Windows and other programs. Installing software changes the registry. However, sometimes when a program is uninstalled, it fails to remove those changes.

Over time, thousands upon thousands of registry modifications slow system performance. A registry cleaner removes those changes and other leftovers from uninstalled programs. However, registry cleaners sometimes cause more problems than they solve. While you might see a tiny amount of performance improvement, for the most part, you’re likely to see glitchy OS behavior after running a registry cleaner.

The best program out there to clean your registry is CCleaner. However, Piriform, the maker of CCleaner, suffered a security breach that allowed hackers to slip malicious code into two versions of CCleaner.

Current CCleaner products do not contain malware. A lot of users install horrible software, thinking that they need it. Some of the worst offenders include PDF readers, music and video players, browsers, and BitTorrent software. Fortunately, lots of great alternatives exist. The process is simple. First, uninstall the software and, second, install a better program. That’s a myth. Because Adobe Acrobat can spread malware, you might want an alternative. I recommend Sumatra to everyone.

Not only is it open-source, but it also reads comic books CBZ or CBR files , blocks potentially malignant scripts, and runs on older systems. VLC Player is one of the three best media players ever made.


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